Often we find that managers may use their reminder emails of their direct reports' updates to guide regular meetings and pinpoint key areas for discussion. 

This is made easy by the Updates page, which shows each of your direct reports' updates in the one place. Managers also receive a summary of updates from their direct reports in their inbox at 8 am on Monday. You can always change this time in Your Account.

You can also see answers to the auto questions from that week and the team’s motivation and their weekly reviews in meetings as they find that they don’t have to do extra planning for it.  

Why your team should complete the Motivii Update

The Motivii Update will help you better manage your team as they will use the review to self-manage themselves and consider what they need to do for the week ahead. The reviews will help you save time preparing for weekly meetings and gather real-time feedback.

Feedback from the update will let you know what your team has been up to and how they feel at work. The data produced by the weekly reviews can help kick start the week and encourage a two-way dialogue between you and your direct reports. 

Completing Motivii Updates over time helps your team manage themselves better

Remind you what your team has been doing on a whole and on an individual basis. You can look back in time and view your direct report’s updates and use this rich information for one-to-ones or appraisals. Similarly you can spot trends among your direct reports, seeing if major events affect your team as a whole.

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