It's simple for managers to keep track of their direct reports' objectives on Motivii. For help on adding your own objectives, this is the place

To view or add objectives for your direct reports, go to Team > Objectives

Here you can add objectives for your direct reports to work towards. Give these a title, a description and a due date, then choose whether they should be aligned towards a set goal (a target objective), or your direct report's personal development (a development objective).

After that you'll choose an alignment for the objective. An alignment is a company-wide value, goal or mission that everyone at your organisation is working to. It's easy to forget what these are when you're busy working on day-to-day tasks, but these are important to remember when you're setting longer-term goals.

Receiving updates on your direct reports' objectives

Your direct reports can update you on how their objectives are going in two different ways. 

The first way they can update you is as part of the Motivi Update. At the end of each update we ask how their objectives are going, and they'll choose either 'on track', 'may miss' or 'off track' from our simple traffic light system.

The second way they can update you is through the platform itself. As their review approaches, or they're due to check in with you, they'll rate their objectives against our traffic light system.

You'll receive email notifications to let you know whenever your direct report adds, edits, updates, completes or deletes a notification. You can view your direct reports open and completed objectives at any time by going to Team > Objectives.

To help keep track on your direct reports' objectives, we've included a panel called 'Activity', which gives you a timeline of your direct reports' updates. You can add a comment to any activity listed here, which we'll let your direct report know about via email.

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