We've put together some tips for helping you get started with Motivii.

Tip #1 is to invite your team. Using Motivii without your team is a bit like using a vacuum cleaner without a floor...

You can invite your team here.

Once you've done that, these tips will come in handy.

  • Your team can complete their update via our mobile apps, desktop or via email. Our iPhone app can be downloaded here and our Android app can be downloaded here.
  • Talk to your team about the info you receive on Motivii. We want to improve the quality of conversation, not replace conversation. Bring Motivii to team meetings, and let your team's updates inform and focus what you're talking about.
  • Each week your team will answer a couple of questions about their experience of work. You can view the answers to these questions here. Discuss the results with your team. How can you make things better? 
  • Remind your team that you can only see their individual highlights, challenges and key priorities. Everything else is anonymous.
  • Turn on team sharing here for a more collaborative experience of Motivii. All updates within a team, including the manager's, are shared with each other. They're then included as part of an email summary that's sent to you and your team on Monday at 8am.
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